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Erector Sets
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Erector Set Ferris Wheel (SKU: 8257)Erector Set Ferris Wheel (SKU: 8257)Erector Set Special Edition Ferris Wheel. Erector Set has been around since 1913 and this Special Edition Ferris Wheel is reminiscent of the old style, just updated with improved flexible metal pieces. The perfect gift for that hard to buy young person.
Erector Set Hummer Radio Control (SKU: 8702)Erector Set Hummer Radio Control (SKU: 8702)Specifically created to spark a child's imagination, the Design range is completely compatible with all portions of the Erector metal range. Unique to this range, flexible metallic components make construction projects challenging, interesting and boundless. The more parts a child has access to, the more creative he or she can become. The Erector Set is the perfect gift.
Erector Sets ATV Design (SKU: 31521)Erector Sets ATV Design (SKU: 31521)Erector Sets. Great starter for a child that enjoys making things. Great for Christmas, Hanukkah and Birthday gifts.
Erector Sets Sports Coupe Design 4 (SKU: 47700)Erector Sets Sports Coupe Design 4 (SKU: 47700)Erector Sets Sports Coupe Design 4. If you like to build things and past the Lego stage, this is great! Makes a great Christmas, Hanukkah, or Birthday gift.
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