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Kathe Kruse Squirting Fish with Blue Fin

Kathe Kruse Squirting Fish with Blue Fin

Kathe Kruse Squirting Fish with Blue Fin
The different materials we have in stock on the blue fin.
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The Squirting Fish - Blue Fin makes bathing even more fun. Even water-shy children will love it!
The blue finned squirting fish is just the right size for baby hands. Dunk it in the water, fill it up with water and let the fun begin!  At first your baby may be too small to fill or squirt the fish by themselves but they will get lots of joy being squirted or watching the water squirting from the fish. When their finger muscles are strong enough and they have mastered the coordination to be able to fill and squirt the fish themselves, the fun starts all over again - but this time your baby is in control.
A mix of cotton/polyester fabrics and felt is used for the outside of the fish and the inside of the fish is made with phthalate free plastic (for collecting water and squirting water).
PLEASE NOTE: Kathe Kruse uses different patterns of fabric for the squirting fish. The fish have the name of red, blue, yellow or green fin because the fins are the only parts of the fish that stay the same. The patterns on the body of the fish shipped to you may be different from that of the fish on the image.
The Squirting Fish - Blue Fin is a safe baby bath toy made in Germany by Kathe Kruse.

Safety Information: Warning! Use only in shallow water under adult supervision.
Note: All prices in US Dollars